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Author Topic: F-16 late seat  (Read 3547 times)
John Garis

« on: August 16, 2011, 06:28:33 PM »

Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 F-16 late seat for Tamiya kit

The ACES II (Advanced Concept Ejection Seat) is considered a smart seat since it senses the conditions of the ejection and selects the proper deployment of the drogue and main parachutes to minimize the forces on the occupant. The seat is a derivative of the Douglas Escapac seat.
Removal from the aircraft is by a three part pyrotechnic sequence. A gun catapult provides the initial removal of the seat from the aircraft. A rocket sustainer provides zero/zero capability to the seat. To prevent the seat from tumbling when the aircraft is in a roll maneuver or there is a center of gravity imbalance, another (smaller) rocket called a STAPAC is attached to a gyroscope. This senses the motion and attempts to keep the seat from spinning by automaticly providing a correcting force.
Once clear of the aircraft, the pitot - static system on the seat measures the conditions and selects one of three operating modes depending on the conditions present at egress.
The Eduard's ΒRASSIN series comes to innovate in the long list improvements of the company by combining resin and photo-etched parts that make each improvement set a model  by itself.
The review applies to F-16 ACES II late seat.
The four parts of resin supplied are the seat body,rear seat rail ejector,separate rear seat cushion and separate emergency oxygen bottle.
I want to say that the resin on the rails is very fragile and would be better -in my opinion- if be in photo-etched .
Τhe color printing photo-etched fret included many small parts for details of the seat.
The set gives seat belts in blue color,but this is wrong because I've never seen ACES II seat belts in this color.
The plates with the inscriptions would be given in decals because it is out of scale.
Sections 32 and 33 should not be placed in the cushion because they relate to the early version of the seat
It would be desirable to provide color guides for painting.I do not believe it is difficult to Eduard included in the kit.

I did a test on the Tamiya's F-16CJ and the seat went easily into position without presenting any problems.

Recommended for experienced modelers!
Link for Eduard 1/48 F-16 late seat
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