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Author Topic: T-2C Buckeye  (Read 6588 times)
John Garis

« on: August 17, 2011, 09:28:49 AM »

Two Bobs 1/48 Rockwell T-2C Buckeye

The North American (now Boeing) T-2 Buckeye was responsible for the training of thousands of American naval aviators from 1959 onwards. The system was fielded as an intermediate budget trainer designed to give United States Navy pilots their first taste of jet-powered flight. The aircraft served with distinction from 1959 through 2004 after which it was officially retired in 2008 and replaced by the McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk. Nevertheless, the T-2 Buckeye will always maintain a place in naval aviation history that few other aircraft in this class can ever hope to achieve.The T-2 initially appeared as a single engine aircraft featuring the Westinghouse J34 series turbojet in the T-2A. This eventually became the T-2B with twin Pratt & Whitney J6- turbojet engines while the T-2C appeared with more powerful GE J85 engines. Performance with the GE powerplant netted speeds of 521 miles per hour with a range of 910 miles and a ceiling of 44,400 feet. Armament consisted of training ordnance in the form of gun pods, rocket pods and practice bombs on two external hardpoints.With the aircraft's origin in the North American FJ-1 Fury design, the T-2 maintained its forerunner's straight wing design appearance. Instructor and student sat in tandem well forward in the fuselage. The twin turbojet engines rested underneath the fuselage and were fed from two under-fuselage intakes to either side of the aircraft. The nose cone came to a distinct narrow point and the tail featured a simple rudder and tail plane arrangement. The undercarriage featured main landing gear recessing into the underside of the wings with a nose wheel retracting forward into the nose housing. Wings were mid-mounted just behind the rear seat cockpit position with wingtip tanks at the ends.The T-2A Buckeye model evolved into two other major variants with limited prototypes appearing in-between. The T-2A was featured as an "improved" Buckeye in the YT-2B of which two were converted. These became the T-2B Buckeye. Similarly, the T-2B was used as a single prototype for the YT-2C to become the T-2C Buckeye. Drone directors (designated with "DT") made from small batches of T-2B and T-2C models existed. The T-2D and T-2E were export models. Notable operators included Venezuela (taking an order of 12 T-2D models) and Greece (receiving an order of 30 T-2E models).

It’s about one year now , we are follow the T-2’s path between TwoBob’s site and modeling forums rumors .
All we expect –after the first photos and all the scenarios that have written- a high quality , much detailed kit of this unique bird.
Finally , after a long waiting and after many postponements , the kit is here ! The most of the Greek modelers –as the most Venezuelian and Americans I believe as users of this plane- are ready to purchase it . Simultaneously with the kit’s release , some aftermarket goods are communicated like decals , resin parts and so .
TwoMikes (resin parts maker) know something we do not , or this is just a marketing trick for guaranteed sells ?
The only way to find the answer , is to see inside the box of the kit .
Fellow modelers…the TwoBobs 1/48 T-2C Buckeye is here !

The first  impression of the kit is positive , coming from the typical box with the good information about the contents , like the photo of a US Navy T-2 and documentation on the left 1/5 of the box face.

Opening the box , the positive impressions continues , because of the –virtual- rich contents : You can find a CD ROM with many pictures of the really plane –really useful with a plenty of details from US Navy bird and a lot of Greek T-2’s-
A two-side colorful leaflet with the decaling and painting instructions –just for the main body and wings colors , not for inside
A nice printed , well registered decal sheet for two US Navy trainers in white/orange HiVis scheme , providing all the stencils
A  clear printed instructions sheet for helping the modeler to build the model , but…without painting instructions !
Yes , there is not at all painting instructions or model paints codes for painting any of the kit’s parts , so the modeler need a good reference guide about the colors who will use .
The main kit is coming in about 120 pieces of gray and clear styrene and 35 resins.
All the parts are clean from flash , with clear scribed lines , rivets , panels etc.
The plastic is soft enough to work with , but “somebody” forget to add the contact pins between the main parts , like fuselage halves , wing upper and lower parts etc , so pay attention when you build the kit and glue those parts together .
All the details on the small trainer are well detailed and the dimensions/shape are in scale , but I have a small  disagreement about the nose shape , it looks like more conical than the real one , but this is not visible until you put one of the fuselage’s part over an in scale plan .I believe , Collect Air is most accurate in this section.
Continues with the fuselage , the non-opening airbrakes are a negative point , as the complexity of the wing – to – fuselage structure .Just one or two slots in the right dimensions will be fine , we don’t need such a tight slots and holes .
Another “strange”  selection is the belly part , that will difficult to stay on position without any pin to drive and keep it on .
The wing is coming with all the control surfaces in separate parts , having the wheel wells with some details on it .
Tail parts are follows the same philosophy , with all the control surfaces as separate pieces and finally the landing gear is not bad , with detailed legs and wheels .
Ten clear parts coming to finish the main kit , followed by two vacuum formed canopies .This is a very strange decision  from TwoBobs , even in this case with the clear and well detailed canopies .If they are able to have clear parts , then can build a clear canopy , yes ?
A good value of this kit , are the resin parts , providing all the details for the cockpit like side walls with switch panels , detailed seats , back plate of the instrument panel , and the necessary handles ,sticks etc , all very clean and detailed .


So , after all the answer is this :
This is probably the kit of the year for the Greek modelers , but , it is not covers the high expectations we have about .Yes , it is a good base to work and add a lot of details on , but in this scale and price , and if you calculate the extra decals and resin parts (optional) then this kit is going in the middle quality category , remembers me most a kit from the past , than a high expected , well advertised kit .

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