Heinkel He 162 "Salamander"





The Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger (German, "People's Fighter") was a German single-engine, jet-powered fighter aircraft fielded by the Luftwaffe in World War II. Designed and built quickly, and made primarily of wood as metals were in very short supply and prioritised for other aircraft, the He 162 was nevertheless the fastest of the first generation of Axis and Allied jets. Volksjäger was the Reich Air Ministry's official name for the government design program competition that the He 162 design won. Other names given to the plane include Salamander, which was the codename of its construction program, and Spatz (Sparrow), which was the name given to the plane by Heinkel.


Revell's 1/32 Heinkel He 162 + Eduard BIGED + CMK full range (CMK x 5 sets)




Revell have done a very well balanced kit , attentive to details , well studied , rich to its benefits like full engine , gun bay and a big decals sheet , accurate , unique to this scale -talking about styrene model kits- and at a very reasonable price .A real bargain , for my opinion.

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Building this kit is a pleasure , because of its good fitting and the clear , sharp casting of its parts , following by a clever engineering that requires almost no putty .
The most difficult for me , was the difficulty in choosing which of the individual improving sets to choose at any time.
The result , is a combilation of P.E. and resin , just everyware !I have use photo etched for points like instrument panel , pilot's seat , ammunition boxes and for small details on engine and into wheel wels etc , and for most "3D" effects ,like engine's body , cockpit back wall , wheels bay and guns bay I have done it with the resin parts .


Believe it or not , the small fighter have taken five (5) resin details set all from CMK and a big photo etched set from Eduard !
I can't explain you what goes where , but the result is very realistic.

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I have paint the metal surfaces with Alclad II (airframe aluminum for the front fuselage and polished  and semi matt aluminum for the rest) plus a  panel of Bare Metal foil.Many of the smallest parts are painted with colours of Gunze range and the main camo with Vallejo air .


The nose cone , wheel wells covers and the gun bay covers that was made from plywood in the real airplane , have painted with RLM 26 brown , simulating the brown wood/fabric sealer that was used  from the manufacturers , the pitot tube and the clips on the engine cover have painted with RLM 23 , simulating the red metal primer , and the ailerons , airbrakes , tail rudder and elevators have painted with a greenish color ,simulating the green primer of the final WWII period.


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The left wing , left unpainted trying to present the airplane in a final construction stage , just before leaves the production line having on only the absolutely necessary markings and painted only on the basics.


The wood have done using the wood stencil from Rabu Brinzan accessories and the markings using the perfect masks from my good friend Joe of  Scale Precision Masks.