1/48 P-47D "Ole Cock III"

Eduard 1/48 "Jugs over Germany" P-47D "Ole Cock III"




P-47D-26 42-28382 “OLE COCK III” of Capt Donavon Smith, 61st FS, Boxted, early 1945
Donavon Smith's "OLE COCK III" was received by the 61st FS in bare metal finish, although this had soon given way to the very distinctive camouflage and markings.
Smith´s personal mount was camouflaged in a consistent manner with other 56th Fighter Group aircraft. The paints used are a topic of discussion, but in all probability
were British Dark Green, Ocean Gray and Medium Sea Gray. In early 1945, a temporary white color was painted on the upper surfaces. The red rudder identifies this
as a 61st Fighter Squadron aircraft. Maj. Donavon Smith led the 61st FS from September 26, 1944 to January 10, 1945. He is credited with 7.5 confirmed kills, one
probable and three enemy aircraft damaged. After the war, Smith´s military career continued and his last assignment was as CO of the 6th Tactical Air Force.


I started the construction of the kit from the cockpit using the very detailed resin and photo etched parts, whole area of the cockpit painted with Model Master Enamel Green Zinc Chromate and I did dry brushing with lighter tone.


The application of parts was perfect and the result satisfy me completely.


I closed the fuselage and I built the slide rails of the canopy behind of the head restraint from PE parts.



I used the parts from the Eduard P-47D-25 upgrade set for the main wheel bay interior.


The intercooler exhausts doors for both sides of fuselage with the interior's details.


The tail wheel doors.


The oil cooler variable shutter doors.


I cut the cowling flaps because in kit it was closed and placed in half-open position.



I cut off the gun bay panels and using the set P-47D-25 gun bay.


And the result of the first progress of the P-47D "Ole Cock III"


The next step is assembling of the engine.The engine sprayed with Alclad ALC-101 Αluminium and became washing with Black Oil Color to show the details.
Assembled the engine hub and was painted with White Ensign WWII USN Intermediate Blue FS25164, applied the ignition cables from photo etched and painted them with H27 TAN from GUNZE, and the engine is ready.



For the four Browning I used the 1/48 Browning M-2 guns from Eduard Brassin and painted them with Humbrol metalcote Gun Metal.
The gun bay painted with the Model Master Yellow Zinc Chromate and I did dry brushing with black pastel.


Close up in cockpit area with the open canopy and the details of Eduard PE set.



The model painted for bottom surfaces using the Gunze C361 Medium Sea Grey, for top surfaces the Gunze H316 White, for the side camo the C362 Ocean Grey, C363 Dark Green and for the engine cowling and rudder the H13 Red all from Gunze.

The diorama was built on a piece of wood sized 40x40cm and for the snowy ground I used marble powder and sea salt in the ratio of 50-50.

The figures come from the 1/48 ICM USAAF Pilots and Ground Personnel.


For the PSP I used the Eduard 1/48 PSP colour and i painted with Humbrol metalcote Steel and dry brushing with pencil powder.


In order to break the drab snowy ground I built a small shed from matchsticks and for the roof I use aluminum foil suitably shaped.
The drums and the ammunition boxes were constructed from scratch from plastic sheet and I made copies from resin.


And here the result I hope you like it.





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