1/72 Fokker Dr. I "STRIPDOWN"


The construction of this kit is a pleasure, because of its good application and clear and crisp photo-etch and resin parts.


By following correctly the instructions I proceeded to assemble the parts with careful use super glue to have a clean result with no signs of the compounds of the parts


The resin parts are clean of marks and bubbles, need little attention and a new one sawtooth razor to remove from the casting block because they are slightly fragile.


The tools of resin make it much easier folding the edge of the wings and the spokes of the wheels.


I painted the sections of the fuselage, the tail, the spokes of the wheels with the Gunze RLM 02 Grey. The wings and the section behind the engine and the pilot's seat paint them with various shades of brown and they washed with oil colors in order to get as close as possible, the shades of wood. The metal surfaces I paint with ALCLAD II ALC-101 Aluminium.
And for the end the model was sprayed with BADGER 16-602 Acrylic Clear Satin Varnish.






Is the first time I building such a model but not was concerned at all barely enjoyed it, too.
If you follow the instructions closely and have some experience in using the photo etched parts will have a different model to your showcase.

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