SMS Lutzow 1916

FLYHAWK 1/700 SMS Lutzow 1916




SMS Lützow was the second Derfflinger-class battlecruiser built by the German Kaiserliche Marine  before World War I. Ordered as a replacement for the old protected cruiser Kaiserin Augusta, Lützow was launched on 29 November 1913, but not completed until 1916. Lützow was a sister ship to Derfflinger from which she differed slightly in that she was armed with an additional pair of 15 cm (5.9 inch) secondary guns and had an additional watertight compartment in her hull. She was named in honor of the Prussian general Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm von Lützow who fought in the Napoleonic Wars.
Lützow was commissioned on 8 August 1915, but did not join the I Scouting Group until 20 March due to engine damage during trials. This was after most of the major actions conducted by the German battlecruiser force had taken place. As a result, Lützow saw very little action during the war. She took part in only one bombardment operation: the Bombardment of Yarmouth and Lowestoft on 24–25 April 1916, after which she became Admiral Franz von Hipper's flagship. One month later, the ship was heavily engaged during the Battle of Jutland, on 31 May–1 June. During the battle, Lützow sank the British battlecruiser HMS Invincible and is sometimes given credit for the armored cruiser HMS Defence. However, she was heavily damaged by an estimated 24 heavy-caliber shell hits. With her bow thoroughly flooded, the ship was unable to make the return voyage to German ports; her crew was evacuated and she was sunk by torpedoes fired by one of her escorts, the torpedo boat G38.



This product of FlyHawk Models regards the sister ship of SMS Derfflinger, and this is the SMS Lutzow in 1/700 scale, and which contains more than 400 parts of plastic and photo etched brass.


The A sprue contains the waterline hull in two halves with details on both sides such as anchor holes molded open and the portholes of the ship. Also included the torpedo nets in rolled position.


The part K is the main deck and has a nice and clean deck planking the anchor ways and the mooring bitts.
The part J is the waterline plate and includes provisions for the metal weight plate.


The E sprue includes the bridge armored deck, the masts, the two chimneys and the search light platforms.
Judging from some of the parts in this sprue which are not used I believe that, the FlyHawk is prepares for the future and the third ship of the class the SMS Hindenburg.


The double B sprue supplied in duplicate and contain the 30.5 cm SKL / 50 main gun turrets with separate barrels, the 15 cm SK L/45 guns with separate barrels, the 8.8 cm SKL / 45 shields with their own gun barrels, the battle bridge, dinghies and boats, rafts, anchors, searchlights and cranes.


These individual plastic parts relate the second level deck with sockets for the secondary turrets, the third level deck with the position of the boats, the louver details for the first chimney and the second chimney superstructure.


This separate piece is placed in the base of the first 30.5 cm SKL / 50 main gun turret.


The C sprue contains the booms for the torpedo nets.


On the large photo etched fret included the railing, ladders, cranes, anchor chains, flag poles for the bow and stern, chimneys grates, scaffolds for the searchlight platforms and the case ejection doors for the main gun turrets.


The small decal sheet contain, the ship's flags, the recognition circles for main gun turrets and the ship's emblems.


The construction plans, is simple, clear and understandable. Paint names are with Mr Hobby, Tamiya and White Ensign Models codes.

- Instruction Sheet -

Although it shares many pieces from the kit of SMS Derfflinger the SMS Lutzow stands out at some points, and if at some time the FlyHawk Models released the SMS Hindenburg, will make happy the fans of the naval battle of Jutland.
Highly recommend!!!

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