Focke-Wulf Ta-183 ”Huckebein”

LEM kits 1/32 Focke-Wulf Ta-183 ”Huckebein”




The Focke-Wulf Ta 183 Huckebein was a design for a jet-powered fighter aircraft intended as the successor to the Messerschmitt Me 262 and other day fighters in Luftwaffe service during World War II. It was developed only to the extent of wind tunnel models when the war ended, but the basic design was further developed postwar in Argentina as the FMA Iae-33 Pulqui II. The name Huckebein is a reference to a trouble-making raven (Hans Huckebein der Unglücksrabe) from an illustrated story in 1867 by Wilhelm Busch.




I am a happy modeler ! As a Luftwaffe enthusiast , I cannot than to I am at least thanked from the latest releases of the most of the companies . New releases and re-releases in my favorite scales (1/32 – 1/24) of all the famous Luftwaffe flying machines .
The new “fashion” is more better : unusual , rare and sometimes , machines that did never seen the light , despite designers table light or be it as prototypes !
My heaven ! Following the big companies , some smallest , specializing most in limited run resin kits , gives they answer , producing what the others has still not dared yet . One of these companies is LEM kits , a company from Ukraine that specializes exactly to limited run , rare and unusual themes . 
Their latest release is one of them : the Focke Wulf Ta 183 Huckebein in 1/32 scale !


In a small , industrial type , frugal box with just a drawing in black and white , I find all the essentially parts for building this small , beautiful angry bird that existed the core of the first jet airplanes around the world , including MiG 15 , F-86 , Iae-33 Pulqui II etc . 
The fuselage comes in two parts , separated in front and rear half , contrary to the usual right and left . Wings comes in one (heavy) piece each -right and left- except the ailerons . 
The tail comes in three parts , very clever engineered as a central main part , the upper part with the stabilizers having already the right dihedral and one for the rudder . 
All they need is just a cleaning from some flush and -for the main parts like fuselage and wings- some drilling in order to adapt certain pins -metal , scratch made it- that will support the weight of the wings and centering all the parts for easy fitting .


Other parts you may find in the box are : cockpit bathtub with side consoles on , pilots seat , flying stick , rudder pedals , main instrument panel and instruments for gluing in back of the panel , instrument panel cover , air intake/tunel from nose to engine with the nose gear well on , a full engine in six parts , complete of details diaphragms in front and behind the engine , as well as floor above the wheel well of mai landing gear and lower support for the engine (lower landing gear well walls). 
More : nose landing gear in four parts , main landing gear in fourteen (!) parts , two doors for the main landing gear and two more for the nose gear , four underwing ordnance supporters , four Ruhrstahl – Kramer X-4 air to air missiles in twelve parts all together and two vac formed canopies . 
About seventy five (75) crispy , clear and clean moulded resin that comes from a manufacturer who have carefully studied all the informations that are available for this bird. .


This is why did not need to scratch build almost nothing for the main parts , like diaphragms or fuselage structure . 
Engineering of the model is clever enough to cover all . The only missing area is the theoretical nose gun bay , but if you are “crazy” may you scratch build it ! 
So , the only real missing is a sheet of decals , but , just a minute : this is just a prototype that never flying operational ! So , wisely thinking , LEM kits does not provide any what if decal set , leaving our fantasy free to create our schemes and keeping the production cost as low as they can . 
Good catch for LEM !



25x16x6 cm (the box) .
71x resin parts .
+ 2x vac parts .
+ 1x clear gelatine (small) .
+ 1x CD.
+ 0x decals .
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Total : A lot of fun
This kit is the answer to a modelers prayer. If you think about the limited run from a not so known company (risk between high production cost and price for the final model), the material (resin), the few amount of informations for the real plane, and the rarity that is addressed  to a small number of fans , this kit is a glowing in the dark example for imitation from every model company , small or bigger .
Highly recommented !