Pavesi P4-100

PlusModel 1/35 Gun tractor Pavesi P4-100 model 30A




Italian company "Pavesi-Tolotti" was founded by ing. Pavesiin 1914 and it produced all-wheel-driven tractors . This company was later incorporated to FIAT .
FIAT also developed the Pavesi artillery tractor from versions 25 & 26 to the very last 30A variant .
Initially the tractor was produced with spiked wheels , and from 1943 also with tyre-fitted wheels .
The vechicle was used by Italian , German and Hungarian armies .
Four-cylinder 4.724 ccm engine delivered a 55 HP output , the gear box had 4 forward and 1 rear gears and it was coupled with a dry cone clutch .



Counting not less than 221 resin parts , plus almost 200 photo etched and many ( and I mean really many ! ) metal spokes for the wheels in different lenghts ( depending on what version you like to build ) it  seems very normal the nomination of this kit as "Kit of the year" .
Off course , the number of parts is not the reason but the whole quality , for sure is !


For an unknown reason , Czechs are the most fine resin and photoetched manufacturers , and Plusmodel is one that confirming this rule , so let's take a look into the box .


Starting with the front cart , we will find between others perfectly casting hexagon nuts , a very realistic -almost ready to run – engine builded step by step together with the gear box , a hydraulic wrench with nice detailed metal rope , engine canopy with beautiful air grilles on and a big radiator , exhaust manifold , all the axels , amortiseurs , springs , transmision boxes and gears and off course all the parts of the frame .


Construction is following the real thing and is separating in the same  logical steps like building a real vechicle .
Finallizing the front cart , we have to build the drivers "office" that includes a steering wheel , foot pedals , gear selector , switches , buttons , levels and some external details like tool boxes , liquid tanks , general purpose holders , front bumper etc .
Alot of those parts are coming in photo etched and need -specially the smallest- big attention .


Rear cart is coming with the same philosophy and is so detailed too .
All starts building the frame , and then , starting from low , adding the transmision parts , and the passengers cabin with all the internal and external details , even the smallest .
Finallizing the construction , comes the time for the wheels . Here , Plusmodels have done some extra work and provides a jig for helping the modeler to have centered the wheel hub with the rim , and having a symmetrical result .


The good news are not finished here , because , Plusmodels provides five different type of spokes , excactly like the real ! 
Wheels are looking -and are- very complex and impressive , giving the characterised high distance from ground .



A small decals sheet provides some small decals for the number plates of every tractor .
Instructions for building the model are providing from a typical small book-type instructions manual and many details can clear up on a CD that accompanying the kit , including photos from building steps , finished model , details close-up and some photos of a real P4 tractor from a museum as a small "walk on" tribute .











If you looking for a unique , impressive , challenging to build but still quality model, Plusmodel have (again) something for you ! 
Very recommended ! 
Thanks to Plusmodel for the provided sample .