Tempest Mk.II "HI-TECH"

1/32 Tempest Mk.II "HI-TECH"




The Hawker Tempest was a British fighter aircraft primarily used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the Second World War. The Tempest was an improved derivative of the Hawker Typhoon, the type originally being known as the Typhoon II, which was intended to address the Typhoon's unexpected fall-off of performance at high altitude by replacing its wing with a thinner laminar flow design. Having diverged considerably from the Typhoon, it was chosen to rename the aircraft Tempest. The Tempest emerged as one of the most powerful fighters of World War II and was the fastest single-engine propeller-driven aircraft of the war at low altitude. The propeller-driven Dornier 335 was even faster, but it had two engines.



To avoid tiring you with unnecessary entries and descriptions, I refer you to the Tempest Mk. V “High tech” review :
Here will examine the differences between the “old” and the new kit and whether it is actually a new kit or the old one with some additions to justify the title of the new .
Ladies and gentlemen , the Tempest Mk.II “high tech” kit :Up to one point, we could easy talk  for life in parallel ; I just copy the text from the presentation of the Mk. V :
“The box positively gives an idea about the content , but reality is even better .
I really can not believe that with these money I got so many things !
Special Hobby comes fast as one of the most advanced manufacturer , which offers some of the more detailed models ,competing equally among the top Japanese companies in the field and having left behind others like Eduard .


This kit is a good proof for this , offering some details that we can meet , eg in the 1/24 Airfix Typhoon !
Moulding is in very good level , with just a very few flush on some parts that needs a small cleaning with knife or sandpapper.
No scratches , “wavy” plastic , bubbles , broken or “free” parts on the bag are present .




Fitting is above average and the surface texture and amount of details like rivets & panels will satisfy even the most awkward modeller .









Yes , the same words can fit excactly for this one . Even the instructions are looks quite same , so the main differencies are on the frame “F” that contains the new nose (the Mk. II wears the Bristol Centaurus  , a radial engine  , instead of the Napier Sabre , a unique kind of “lying H” engine) and the box with the resin parts .
Whats in the kit , is here :
҉   330 styrene parts
҉   16 clear 
҉   45 resin
҉   43 photo etched
҉   12 fabric











A total 446 parts , plus a sheet of painting masks , a small gelatine with the gunsight’s clear parts and offcourse four sheets of decals : one with all the roundels , flags etc ,one with personal markings , dials for the instrument panel and some ID numbers ,  one with numbers and letters for the provided paint schemes and one with warning stencils .
The new plastic parts , catches right the shape of the Mk.II nose . Like all the other parts are detailful , with all the small rivets , panels , fasteners etc on .
The upper part have some very fine air vent grilles on as well as the lower have two air scoops.









Continued to the wings , we may find one more differencie : instead of the Napier engine , Special Hobby provides full wing gunnery bays !
Stage 26 propose to cut the gun bay panels (in the instruction booklet is one small warning with number 26 on , that warning us not to cut the wing’s trailing edge for better fitting with the resin part) .
Details for this area are extremelly and provides everything : gun bay with all the inner structure , guns , ammunition boxes full of bullets , some small boxes (electrical or air lines) and new bay covers .





Did we even ask for a full one Centaurus engine and separate flaps-ailerons would be an exaggeration ?
All the rest of the building proccess is the same so I will not tiring you more , you may read the Mk. V review .
In conclussion , here is what this kit offers :
҉    Fine moulding plastic parts
҉   Fine , thin clear parts
҉   Alot of perfect resin parts
҉   Fantastic gun bays
҉   Very realistic landing system
҉   Perfect cockpit (!)
҉   Beautifull surface details
҉   Above average fitting
҉   Excellent decals sheet
҉   Painting masks
҉   Fabric seat belts
҉   Five painting options / decorations
҉   Flexible external loading options
҉   Really good price

- Instruction Sheet -


Once again , Special Hobby manages to surprise all !
The kit may not be a new one (in the broadest sense of the term, there is no reason to do so if it is essentially the same aircraft ) and the same time it is a new kit , since it offers all the necessary parts for the visible and non visible differencies .
May not offers an eye catching Napier engine , but the gun bays are very welcomed . This is also a very clever way to keep the price at the same level : same “amount” of model , same price !
A really must for your collection !
Very recommented for advanced modellers !
Thanks to SpecialHobby for the provided sample .

Link for Special Hobby 1/32 Hawker Tempest Mk.II "Hi-Tech"