IJN Battlecruiser Kongo 1914 Rigging Bobin Fine

KAJIKA 1/700 IJN Battlecruiser Kongo 1914 Rigging Bobin Fine




The Kongō-class battlecruiser was a class of four battlecruisers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) immediately before World War I. Designed by British naval architect George Thurston, the lead ship of the class was the last Japanese capital ship constructed outside Japan, by Vickers.



Α perfect model should actually have all the parts and one of them is the rigging, the Kajika think about it and released a set of rigging from elastic thread.



The set contain a bobbin with thickness 0,03mm and length 2 meters elastic thread from the German Uschi van der Rosten. The label in the set writes it's meant for the Kongo but it's also for the Hiei because is the same class ships.



The rigging is a useful addition to the ship kit, but the instructions do not provide a plan of rigging, so check out photos from books or from the web.
Special thanks to Kajika to providing us this sample.
Highly recommend!!!!

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