IJN Battlecruiser Hiei 1915

KAJIKA 1/700 IJN Battlecruiser Hiei 1915




Battlecruiser Hiei was a warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War I and World War II. Designed by British naval architect George Thurston, she was the second launched of four Kongō-classbattlecruisers, among the most heavily armed ships in any navy when built. Laid down in 1911 at the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, Hiei was formally commissioned in 1914. She patrolled off the Chinese coast on several occasions during World War I, and helped with rescue efforts following the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake.



Continuing the excellent quality of ship models in 1/700 scale, Kajika was released the sister ship of Kongo-class battlecruisers, and this is the IJN Hiei in 1915 increasing even more levels of detail.In the top open cardboard box with excellent artwork which shows the ship in foul ahead speed, contains more than 300 crisp detailing plastic parts but without photo ethed and resin parts, one very cleanly printed decal sheet, and colored instructions.


The kit offers the choice to build the ship in waterline with separate lower waterline plate, the main part of the hull provided  in one part with details on both sides such as sharp edges, beautiful plate structure, open anchor holes and the portholes with eyebrows over them.The lower waterline plate includes provisions for the metal weight plate, which is provided in a separate package with the logos of the Kajika.




Only two parts are contained for the ship's primary decks because the Hiei is a low profil ship, so the number of parts is limited.


Excellent relieve details in the section of the bow of the primary deck, with nice and clean deck planking, anchor ways with embossing chains, molded mooring bits, cable reels, and positions of anchor winches.


The middle section of the primary deck, has molded some boxes and some other small details.


In the aft section of the primary deck, we see the third main gun turret socket, places for the lifeboats and various cabinets with nice relief details.


Αt the stern deck which is one level lower of the main deck, we see the fourth main turret socket. more cable reels, mooring bits, and of course detailed deck planking.


Here we see the sprue tree X with various parts, such as, funnels, lifeboats, searchlights and searchlights scaffolds, masts and mast tripod, aft shelter deck supports, and some more small detailed parts.





The G sprue part contain the bottom parts for the primary gun turrets, the primary gun barrels witch is hollowed out ends, and secondary gun turrets with own separate gun barrels.


Closeup on the hollowed amazing main gun baarrels.


The four upper parts of main gun turrets has nicely rivet details.



Sprue K comes from the Kongo kit, which contain plenty parts, such as, funnels { not use all }, boat davits, and etc.


Funnels with open ends.


Very thin parts for the boat davids.


Funnel stacks framework, anchors, some small deck parts, and small lifeboat davits.


Detailed small arms.


The sprue L contain the lifeboats of the ship which has nicely relief details.


Excellent work in the cabin of captain's boat.


These individual plastic parts relate the second level deck with sockets for the first and second funnel and rests of the ship’s boats for the lifeboats, the bridge armored deck, and the deck with second main gun turret socket.


The J sprue contains the booms for the torpedo nets, and some more small parts.


Third chimney deck, and small searchlights scaffolds.


The small decal sheet contains two version of IJN Rising Sun flags, two of them provided wavy.


The two sides full color instructions it is understood. The painting guides offer one view, paint names are with Mr Hobby and Tamiya codes.


- Instruction Sheet -
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Although it shares many pieces from the kit of the first release Kongo the Hiei stands out at some points to build a nice detailed replica of the IJN Battlecruiser Hiei in the 1915 straight out of the box.
Special thanks to Kajika to provide us this impressive kit.
Highly recommend!!!

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