Bf 109G-10 Mtt Regensburg

Eduard 1/48 Bf 109G-10 Mtt Regensburg for Eduard kit




Referred to as the "bastard aircraft of the Erla factory" in the Luftwaffe's Aircraft Variants Book of December 1944, the G-10 was a Bf 109 G airframe combined with the new DB 605 D-2 engine, created to maintain production levels with minimal disruption of the assembly lines until production of K-series airframes would reach sufficient levels. Despite what the designation would suggest, it appeared in service after the G-14 in November 1944, largely replacing previous G-series aircraft on the production lines of Erla, WNF and Messerschmitt Regensburg factories. Contrary to popular belief the G-10 were not rebuilt older airframes but new production. Early production G-10 may have had two data plates (usually with G-14 stamped onto it) as these airframes were originally intended to be used for G-14 assembly but were diverted to G-10 assembly.



This  P.E upgrade set comes in a single metal fret carrying 32 pieces .
The areas that upgrades are mostly in the lower section of the aircraft. And to be more precise we have replacement parts for the landing gear wheels with lightening holes (not hollowed in the kit parts), landing gear covers and break lines, radiator flap for the oil cooler, the landing flaps (wing radiators section). Finally we have smaller details like the inspection hatch of the radio compartment, the base of the morane antenna and the holding strap of the external fuel tank.



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So coming to a conclusion this is a useful upgrade set for your Bf 109G-10 especially if you are thinking of putting some extra detail in the lower section of the aircraft.