Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb

1/32 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb




The Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb with the new Merlin XX, performance was good enough to keep the ageing Hurricane in production. Hawker soon introduced the new Mark IIA Series 2 with either of two wings; one mounting 12 Brownings, the other with four Hispano cannon in the original gun-bays. The first Series 2s, armed with 12 .303 in (7.7 mm) Brownings (four per wing in the original gun-bays and two more in new gun-bays outboard of the landing lights) arrived in October. These Mk IIA Series IIs also featured a new longer propeller spinner and later become the Mark IIB in April 1941. The tailwheel recess on the ventral keel was changed in shape and the tailwheel leg became a levered-suspension unit with a small torque link.



Fly models was always a low profile manufacturer , who produce high ("traditional Czech" ) quality , limited run , unusual themed models , in a reasonable price .
This kit is not about something so "exotic" but , still interesting for anyone who builds models of WW2 era .


So , let's begin our walk  in the contents of the durable and beautifully decorated box  .
First sight matters and in this case is very satisfactory . My sample is a really durable box , tight closed with the contents protected well .
The box artwork is a beautiful colored print of a SAAF Mk.Iib Hurry and the spues comes in transparent envelopes in various sizes .


Even the instructions leaflet is protected in gelatine , as well as the decals sheets .
Although not my first Fly models kit , this company manages to surprise me with the personality of her models . 
One would say that every kit is the epitome of the model, as it does with few pieces, it offers so much detail and choices .


So , let's see in summary what's in the box and then analyze them .
* A full model of the Hurricane Mk. Iib in tan styrene plastic .
* Really nice surface details (rivets , panels , panel lines , "fabric" surfaces etc) scribed or embossed . 
* Possitionable tail rudder and elevators
* Resin weel wells , weels , tail weel , pilot's seat , exhausts , landing lights and some smalest parts mainly for the cockpit , all very clear and very detailed casting (look at the tyres for the firm "DUNLOP" on) . As the box mentioned , the resin parts are made by Artillery models .
* Two photo etched frets with alot of parts for the belly radiator , instrument panel, pilot's belts & headrest , cockpit floor , handles , levers and more .As the box mentioned , PE parts are made by Hauler .
* 3D Instrument panel , or "sandwich" , with photo etched main and secondary panels , instrument bezels in clear gelatine and some instruments in separated photo etched parts .
* Detailed and very clear canopy, landing lights, formation lights, recognition lights and windshield armor.
* Self adhesive scribing template for scribe and grind some surfaces and details on the wings
*  Simple and clever engineered parts and build of the model , that helps even the rookie to finish a realistic model .
*  One A4 sized decal sheet and one more just the half of the 1st , with decals for six flying machines , very well printed , using the minimum of the very thin film, right in colors , perfectly centralized and with many  - probably all - the necessary stencils for a full decorated Hurricane Mk. Iib .As the box mentioned , decals are made by Techmod .
*  Six different and beautifull and interesting colour schemes , from metal dopping to grey , light blue , tan , dark earth and green combinations .
*  Last but not least , 28 pages instructions leaflet , very  detailed and illustrative at all stages of the construction, leaving no doubt about anything .



About the styrene parts : All the 81 pieces are very clean , without pin markings or flash plastic on the edges etc , even on the smalest parts . Quality of the plastic is fine for handling , glueing ,sanding , drilling etc and the only lack is about some construction pins . None of those useful little friends are present on the model (wings or fuselage) and the modelers must give some extra attention for having all the parts right alligned .







Resin parts, all 17 are beyond any expectation, perfectly casting, free of bubbles, markings, cracks, scratches or anything else that can disturb a carefree build of .





Clear parts are exactly what their name says : clear !
All 13 parts are crystal clear , durable and with clearly the necessary details like canopy frame etc .


The 70 photo etched parts , perfectly and professionally etched on their frets , areabsolutelly clean , detailful and useful .Clearly numbered and easy to cut and handle , together with the clear gelatine , makes the difference .




The scribbing template is something that really impressed me. The philosophy behind this , I think , is about simpler molds for the wings and thus lower price for the customer  - us -  , plus the feeling of satisfaction that the wings have "handmade" gun  access doors , engraved by us .


Decals sheets are just fantastic , from the biggest absolutelly centralized roundels to the tiny stencils , all totally readable !
Colours are very "live" and right in shade compared with colour chips from my FS5595B official catalogue .




Hurricane Mk.IIb of 11 operational unit, SAAF, Port Elizabeth airfield, 1945


Hurricane Mk.IIb, Soviet AF, standart RAF camouflage, Karelian front,1942


Hurricane Mk.IIb, Portuguese AF, Espinho airfield, 1948-52


Hurricane Mk.IIb, No. 317 (Polish) Sqdn RAF, 1941


Hurricane Mk.IIb, Central Flying School, Royal Rhodesian AF, based at Norton Air Base, Rhodesia, 1945


Hurricane Mk.IIb, Free French Air Force, in non-standard camouflage and marking, North Africa 1942

- Instruction Sheet -


If you think we are talking for a limited run kit , from a small company , with all of those parts, the rich dowry (photo etched , resins , decals sheet etc) , the whole quality, the level of details and the attention with which it has been designed and finally manufactured a piece without any error, at least a model without any obvious error, all in a box for 54.00€ , then I believe Fly models have done a very well work .
The manufacturer could also take advantage of the fact that on this scale there are not many choices and asks for a higher price, which he did not do in his honor .  So , if you like to build a Mk. IIb Hurricane , straight from the box without the need to buy aftermarket goodies but without compromising on quality and detail, Fly will not disappoint you .
Highlly recommented !

Link for FLY 1/32 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb